• Tea & Coffee Scale KCP-608
  • Tea & Coffee Scale KCP-608
  • Tea & Coffee Scale KCP-608

KCP-608 Tea & Coffee Scale

Taking pride in doing things right

Hand brewing requires the exact proportions of water and time during each step of the process, to enjoy tea and coffee to the fullest.

【Product Specifications】

Dimensions(mm) 186x146x33
Screen(mm) 80x25
Device weight(g) 550g
Capacity/Graduation: 1~250g=0.1g
Operating Environment: Temperature 10-35 C
Relative Humidity 30-95%
Type Kitchen
Keywords Tea, Coffee, Timer, Proportion
Colour KCP-608 (Black)
  • Integrated smart timer
  • Professional water ratio guidance
  • 0.1g graduation, 2999g capacity
  • Spacious platform
  • 3.6 inch backlit indicator
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Smart weight tare
KCP-608 Tea & Coffee Scale