KCP-608 Tea &
Coffee Scale

Taking pride in doing things right! Utilize
the built-in timer to easily control timing
and measure with up to 0.1g precision

Track Your

Sync measurement results
automatically to your smartphone, making
it easy to evaluate your fitness program!

  • Body Cardio Scale

    Cardio Scales

    Utilizing advanced BCG technology, cardio scales allow you to measure your heart rate together with weight, giving you an important indicator of cardiovascular health.

  • Body Composition Scales

    Body Composition Scales

    Fitness goes beyond how much you weigh. Muscle, water, fat - all are important to track the effectiveness of your training. Utilize the improved O'Care App and automatically synchronize data to your smartphone for results anywhere, anytime!

  • Body Fat Monitors, Body Fat Scale

    Body Fat Monitors

    Track body fat percentage and visceral fat quickly and conveniently with oserio's Body Fat Monitors, quantifying your progress!

  • Digital Weighing Scale, Electronic Weighing Scales

    Bathroom Scales

    Accurate and reliable weight measurement is an important part of daily health management. Wireless data transmission is available on select models, making weight tracking more convenient than ever.

  • BMI Weighing Scales

    BMI Weighing Scales

    Calculate Body Mass Index for an easy-to-understand evaluation of your weight to height ratio!

  • Digital Kitchen Scales, Food Weight Scale

    Kitchen Scales

    Proper nutrition is an essential aspect of any serious fitness journey. Oserio's digital kitchen scales are designed to be easy-to-use and clean, making it easier to prepare healthy meals.

  • Baby Weighing Scales, Digital Baby Scale

    Baby Scales

    Weigh the youngest of your family safely, whether newborns, babies, or toddlers. Oserio's Baby Scale is curved for safety and comfort, featuring a removable tray for easy cleaning.

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