About Us

The Birth Of oserio

oserio was founded on the belief that a simple blessing “I wish you good health and happiness” could be realized through practical and concrete efforts. Sometimes poor health could hardly be seen from the outside.

Many people around us often do not pay heed to warning signs of their health before being warned by doctors. oserio strives to prevent such miseries that catch people off guard and wreck families. We try to influence people’s mentality in our brand management in an attempt to encourage those who do not regularly receive physical examinations to spend more time on examining their health conditions and healthcare products, as this would quietly become habits that lead them to a life filled with enjoyment and happiness.

Brand Aesthetics

oserio is well aware that good health comes from a healthy mind. Our credo is to touch every heart that yearns for a healthy and happy life. After all, people long for beautiful things, so who could really resist the temptation of beauty? We tapped the unique “Brand Aesthetics” to capture every heart and promote health. Also, our designers have visited to advanced countries to introduce “Northern Europe” fashion elements, deeply enter into people’s heart to observe habits, boldly given our products vitality and warmth, and create high-quality fashion senses in our products.

oserio’ brand aesthetics has redefined healthcare products. Put them in the house is just like putting a pot of fresh flowers, which is a feast for the eyes, making people want to approach them every day.


Providing Better Measuring Experience

oserio has built a beautiful paradise of health, in which you can “happily measure your weight”, “see how much calories you’ve burned carefree through measuring data”, “clearly understand the proportion of your body fat”, “constantly monitor the changes of your blood pressure and body temperature”; and with our easy-to-operate products with wireless transfer function, you can “conduct distant analysis of your family members’ health statistics ”, and among others. oserio is dedicated to bring you gratifying measuring experience, making health management easy and pleasant, and fill it with fun.


Sharing Taiwan’s 3C Fine Works With The World

With an expertise based upon a 30-year professional experience gained from around the world, Charder returned to Taiwan to found oserio to share with Taiwanese people the beauty of good health. Now, based in Taiwan, oserio is set to proudly share Taiwan’s 3C fine works with the world. oserio, which pronounces as “All say real”, represents our confidence and commitment to consumers. It is our hope to lead even more people on the path towards good health, beauty, and happiness.